Product Care

Personalised Glass Wedding Tankard for Dad from the Bride


First time use – Always rinse new Glassware before first use
You may find some residue or coloured speckles on the glass; these are likely to be the paint used to infill the engraving. This should come off glass with a cloth or a fingernail.

Washing – Always hand wash engraved glassware

Engraved Glassware from EnF Engraving has been diamond engraved and filled with a special engraving paint to really make the engraving stand out. The paint may fade or get washed out entirely if put in a dishwasher and so always handwash glassware bought from us.

Simply wash the glass in soapy water with a cloth and dry as with any other hand washed glassware

Personalised Black min Icar Hip flask in Presentation Gift Box

Stainless Steel Hip FLASKS

This Hip flask is made for Longevity and by taking the following simple steps you can ensure your personalised flask can be treasured for years to come.

First time use – Simply Rinse the inside of the flask with water, swish around and empty before filling.

During/After Use – Always empty the flask after use, do not keep alcohol in the flask for longer than 3 days and rinse out when emptying.

Hip Flasks are not suitable for carbonated or Acidic mixtures (no Fruit juices, Cordials, Fizzy Drinks)

Washing – to give your flask a proper clean wash by hand in hot soapy water

Do not Wash in the dish washer and do not use cleaning chemicals on your hip flask as you risk damaging the surface.

Do not fill your hip flask with boiling water….hot liquid and stainless steel do not go well!

If your flask happens to be powered coated. Try and resist dropping it on concrete or any other hard jagged surface that may damage the coating……aim for the grass instead!

Text engraved on front of 6oz pewter Hip Flask


First time use – Rinse the pewter with water, make sure to dry with a soft nonabrasive cloth or towel.

During/After Use – Always empty your pewter after use, do not keep alcoholic or other such liquids in pewter for more than 24 hours and wash as described below.

Pewter is not suitable for carbonated or Acidic mixtures (no Fruit juices, Cordials, Fizzy Drinks)

Do not put flowers of plants directly in the pewter holder, put them inside a glass container first and place that inside the pewter.

Washing – Simply Hand wash with your regular detergent and dry with a soft cloth or towel. Pewter is a soft metal so will scratch and scuff easily.

Maintenance – Modern pewter lasts much longer than its old-time predecessors and requires very little maintenance however If the pewter has become dull or has some scuffs from usage, simply clean with a metal polish before washing it.

Make sure to polish in straight lines, preferably in the direction the manufacturing lines go.

Pewter has a relatively low melting point, so don’t place pewter metal in the over, on hot plates or near a naked flame. Its also not recommended to put hot drinks directly in the Pewter Vessel.

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